Chicago Guide: Where To Eat & Drink

April 16, 2019

No matter whether you’re planning a quick overnight business trip or a week-long extravaganza to Chicago, you absolutely have to make eating and drinking one of your priorities.  This city’s food has GOT IT GOING ON.

I’m actually still a relative newbie to Chicago, but since I started coming up here couple months for work, I’ve made it a point to start exploring different restaurants and bars.  I’ve solicited recommendations from both local and tourist friends (and the larger Facebook community), and then one-by-one have made a concerted effort to try them.

Chicago riverwalk at night

So here are some of my favorite places to eat in Chicago.  I’ve tried to keep these all *fairly* central, though there are a few further-flung options on here for the intrepid explorer.  This will be a living, breathing list, so I will continue to add new finds to the list as I discover them!

Here’s a map plotting out the different locations—yellow is breakfast, blue is lunch and dinner, and red is drinks and miscellaneous.  You can also access this link to pull it up on your own computer or phone so it loads right into Google Maps.  Map note: I’ve include the location I went to, but in some cases (particularly breakfast joints) there are a few locations around the city.

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Breakfast, Brunch, & Coffee

As you might be able to tell from my stated life goal to eat all the pastries in all the world, I take pastries, brunch and coffee VERY seriously.  So I always try and find all the local coffee and pastry spots after my morning run…and @sjems5 has very strong feelings about brunch so we’ve tried a few of those too!

Do-Rite Donuts

Do-Rite has a few locations in the main downtown areas of Chicago, but I visited the Randolph St. one as it was near my hotel.  It’s a tiny little place with a big ceramic donut out front, simple and nothing fancy.  That’s because it’s all about baked goods.  I got the pistachio and Meyer lemon (YUM) and the Michigan apple fritter (I can’t resist an apple fritter).  Completely recommend both.  They have a few gluten-free options as well, if that’s a concern for you.  They only have simple drip coffee, so I went just up the street to a coffeeshop for my latte fix.

Firecakes Donuts

Like Do-Rite, Firecakes is a donut shop with a few locations and legions of fans.  In fact, you’ll hear people debating Firecakes vs. Do-Rite the way Portlandians debate Blue Star vs. Voodoo.  I got a whole bunch here since I was buying for a group, but again the apple fritter called my name.  And then I proceeded to eat two more a quarter at a time while stuck in meetings later in the day 🙂


Ah, Beatrix.  For almost 9 months Beatrix was my go-to spot on the way back from a morning run along the river, where I’d grab a huge latte and a morning bun on the way back to the hotel.  Beatrix’s pastry game is on point, but I’ve been obsessed with their morning buns since first trying them, a puff pastry-based roll like a less-sweet cinnamon roll, with cinnamon sugar rolled inside and flecked with orange zest.  They recently rotated them off the menu and I’m completely bereft, but hoping they’ll bring them back soon.

Their actual breakfast (and lunch) menu are super solid too—I highly recommend the cauliflower grits!

Southport & Irving SIP

This lovely little brunch spot is further up north, by Wrigley Field.  As with all good brunch spots, you need to get there early or expect a wait.  I couldn’t resist the beignets as a starter, and loved the spiced bellini I indulged in as well.  And then who can say no to chicken and waffles?!

Bunch at SIP is a great option when you're visiting Chicago!

Batter & Berries

Another amazing brunch place is Batter & Berries, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.  It’s a simple diner-like experience, nothing super fancy, but you can tell by the line that started in the rain before they opened early on a Saturday that we were in for a treat.  They’re especially known for their French toast, so we got a sampler platter to make sure we could try as much as possible.

Cafe Tola

This one is further afield (all three locations), but we ended up at the one in Wrigleyville on accident one afternoon and this place is so cute!  The colors all made me so happy that I just had to share.  If you happen to be in the area, make sure to stop by.

Lunch & Dinner

You can get the best of almost any kind of cuisine in Chicago, so decide what takes your fancy on any given day.  But regardless of what you’re craving, these restaurants won’t steer you wrong.  Many of these will be on a lot of people’s lists of “where to eat in Chicago”, but there are some more local gems here too!

Duck Duck Goat

Located in the hip West Loop area (next to a few others on this list), this is one of several “Goat” restaurants by chef Stephanie Izard.  I do want to try all of them at some point, but they’re hard to get into!  @sjems5 and I scored reservations here one Saturday night and gorged ourselves on delicious interesting Chinese dishes like charred duck hearts, duck fried rice, beef slap noodles, and a delicious pineapple cake.  We absolutely stuffed ourselves, and totally recommend getting a reservation here!

Best places to eat in Chicago, including Duck Duck Goat

Prime & Provisions

If you’re looking for a classic steakhouse with some luxury touches, look no further.  We went here for a work dinner and had a totally delicious dinner.  I’m a steak girl, so started with a couple awesome old fashioned cocktails (the best I’ve had in Chicago) and then a filet and great red wine.  Can’t go wrong.

Where to eat in Chicago and the best places to drink as well

The Purple Pig

When I was asking for restaurant recommendations before my last trip to Chicago, The Purple Pig was recommended by the most people—by a landslide.  So one Sunday after spending four hours working in my hotel room, I took a break for a late lunch here and was able to snag one spot at a long table full of people.  And guys, I totally concur, this is a must-visit!

It was hard to even pick what to order, and the waiter gave me a little look once I got three dishes for myself…like “are you SURE?!”  Oh yeah, buddy, I’m sure.  I had the salt-roasted beets with pistachio butter, this AMAZING whipped feta dip, and salmon (which was fine, but was the least mind-blowing of the lot).  They also had several really interesting gin & tonics on the menu, and I had to try the Aegean one…mmm!!!



An Italian small-plates restaurant with a robust wine list, absolutely delicious food, and a pretty darn solid old fashioned, @sjems5 and I enjoyed a fun evening here after work one night.  Be prepared—it’s loud on account of how popular it is, but the food is awesome, the service great, and you’ll enjoy relaxing with some wine as you digest your meal.

Where to Eat & Drink in Chicago | Restaurants in Chicago you have to try

Bar Siena

Speaking of Italian, I ended up at Bar Siena in the trendy West Loop area mid-afternoon, starving, and unable to get into Au Cheval.  I enjoyed a delicious burrata with apricot mostarda (I’m physically incapable of not ordering burrata if it’s on a menu…), then downed a short rib lasanga and a really nice Cabernet blend.  A cute place and great food.

Maude’s Liquor Bar

While I’m not known for my love of French food, this was a great recommendation from @sjems5 for one of our nights out while I was there for a short business trip, and she was spot-on.  It was a bitterly cold winter night, and the cozy ambiance was just perfect for catching up over wine and rich food.  The cocktail list here is particularly interesting and worth your time.


To swing to the other side of the spectrum, Daisies is a cute little spot in Logan Square, an up-and-coming area known for great cocktail bars, quirky coffee shops, and craft beer taverns.  Daisies focuses on seasonal pastas and vegetable-forward dishes.  That cocktail there is rum-based and includes parsnip juice.  Yes, parsnip juice.  I also enjoyed some delicious ravioli with brussels sprouts, grapes, and truffle, as well as tempura-fried mushrooms and cheese curds.  Odd and enjoyable.


I headed to out to Oak Park to try out Citrine on a lovely summer’s evening.  They tout Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, but for some reason I also saw a bit of some Asian flavors in there as well.  There’s a great little patio if the weather is nice, and the cocktails spot-on.  Plus, Oak Park is delightful.

Time Out Market Chicago

I’ve written an entire post about Time Out, so I won’t belabor the point because we DID IT RIGHT.  I’d been to the original Time Out in Lisbon and loved it, so when I heard there was a new one in Chicago it became a must.  It’s a food hall concept that brings together a bunch of the top chefs and eateries in the city in one place.

We stuffed ourselves with chimmichurri poutine, an amazing duck prosciutto, pistachio butter, and jelly sandwich, duck fat frites, and more.  We also made sure to wander upstairs to the little secret speakeasy for a cocktail.  If you’re hungry and have friends who are good with sharing, this is a perfect way to while away a couple hours!

Where to drink

Many of the places I already listed are great for grabbing a drink too, including Quartino’s, Prime & Provisions, Bar Siena, Maude’s Liquor Bar, and more.  Here are a few great places specifically for grabbing a drink, and then there’s a long list at the bottom of places (heavily Logan Square) that I still need to try.

City Winery

Ohhhh a nice summer’s day on the Riverwalk is a glorious thing!  There are a couple City Winery locations (including one that’s an awesome concert venue), but for sitting out and drinking wine you can’t beat this.  Yes, it’s a total crush in the summer, but that’s because of how awesome it is.

Starbucks Roastery Chicago

I’ve written a whole post on whether it’s worth your time to visit the new Starbucks Roastery, the largest Starbucks in the world.  But one reason it might be is its cocktail bar.  Located on the fourth floor, Arriviamo has a number of super interesting coffee-based (and similar) cocktails and other drinks in a cool setting.  WHEN IT’S NOT A CROWDED TIME.

Pro tip:  Not alcoholic, but don’t miss the absolutely stunning whiskey barrel-aged cold brew (available at the bar)!


I went to Scofflaw on my own, and honestly the vibe was a bit odd (on a Sunday night, to be fair).  It’s a gin-focused bar (which was what caught my interest).  The particular drink I picked wasn’t as much to my liking, and I think I would have enjoyed it more with someone else.  But a really interesting place I’d like to explore more.

Mario’s Italian Lemonade

Located in the Little Italy neighborhood, this little gem is only open during the summer, but if is worth the trek in hot weather!  Such a delicious, refreshing treat.

Yeah…that’s a lot of calories consumed 🙂  I’d love to hear from you once you try some of these, or with your own favorite Chicago recos—hit me up in the comments!!

If you’re curious about other places I’m dying to try, here’s what else is on my list:


  • Giant – Logan Square (food and drinks)
  • Lost Lake – Logan square, #1 cocktail bar
  • Billy Sunday – Logan square
  • Longman and Eagle – Logan square
  • The Walk-in – Logan square
  • Virgin Hotel – drinks
  • Three Dots and a Dash – tiki bar speakeasy??


  • The Aviary – famous cocktail joint (must make reservations, includes dinner)
  • Formentos
  • Girl and the Goat
  • Au Cheval
  • Tavern on Rush
  • Rosebud on Rush
  • The Signature Room at the 95th
  • Avec Wine Bar
  • Goddess and the Baker – breakfast
  • Gibson’s – high-end
  • Aurelio’s – Chicago thin crust pizza
  • Imperial Lamian -dumplings

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Where to Eat & Drink in Chicago | Restaurants in Chicago you have to try, from the best pastries, coffee, brunch, and breakfast, to the best lunch and dinner in Chicago. Where to drink in Chicago, the best cocktail bars!

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