Why You Have To See An Oregon Coast Sunset In Your Life

December 2, 2019

There are many kinds of sunsets that are special.  Probably all of them.  From a stunning Caribbean beach to a Kansas prairie, you can’t go wrong.  But the sunsets you can experience along the coast of Oregon are particularly awesome, and something you should experience at least once in your life.

We stayed at the Inn at Otter Crest, and this was the little private beach that people from the complex could access.  I think it created the perfect conditions for an amazing sunset (more protected), but the fact is that you can see gorgeous sunsets all along the coast.

Why You Have to Experience an Oregon Coast Sunset | One Girl, Whole World

A peaceful fire against the Oregon coast sunset

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This post is lighter on actual content than most of the ones I do (which are more travel planning-focused), but I wanted to share these photos as inspiration—and because I love them so much!

We’d just returned from dinner in town, and all of the sudden the sunset completely snuck up on me.  I sprinted down from our condo to the beach and started snapping.  I was worried I’d missed most of it, but it ended up just going…and going…and going.   It actually kept getting more beautiful as I stood there.

Why You Have to Experience an Oregon Coast Sunset | One Girl, Whole World

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It was the only day on my trip that we got a sunset at all.  All the other evenings, a fog rolled in right before sunset.  I’d assumed I’d get a few cracks at photographing one, but I’m so happy I jumped on this chance!

Enjoying the waves during an Oregon coast sunset

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I honestly don’t have much more to say…words don’t really do this justice.  But I sat there and froze my rear end off as the water swept over my bare feet and the waves crashed around me.

Why You Have to Experience an Oregon Coast Sunset | One Girl, Whole World


Getting blown away by an Oregon coast sunset

Sunset on Oregon's coast will blow your mind

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I was lucky that my mom happened to snap a few pics of me from the cliffs (like the photo above).  I almost never get candids of myself, so this was special.

Why You Have to Experience an Oregon Coast Sunset | One Girl, Whole World

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Overall the sunset lasted probably 45 minutes, with the colors shifting and changing from pinks to purples to reds.

The tail end of a mind-blowing Oregon coast sunset

If you can’t tell, I was blown away by the one Oregon coast sunset I got to see, and overall I loved my time on the Oregon coast.  I can’t wait to bring you more trip planning tips and gorgeous photos from this trip, and hopefully these pics have convinced you to book a ticket there right away!

Other sunsets that will blow your mind:

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Why You Have to Experience an Oregon Coast Sunset | All sunsets are special but the ones you can experience on the coast of Oregon are particularly mindblowing. Some photos for inspiration and to convince you to book to visit right now! #oregoncoast #sunset #westcoast

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