Fuego Brewery: A Must-Visit In Dominical, Costa Rica

September 7, 2019
fuego brewery

Back in May, I spent almost an entire week in the Uvita and Dominical area of Costa Rica.  It rained LITERALLY all but like a few hours.  But we finally ventured out of our amazing villa that was on an insane little mountain we had to survive each time.  We stopped at a couple different beaches along the highway, but then pulled into Fuego Brewery for some lunch and brews.

fuego brewery sign and parking info

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It’s difficult to tell from the outside, but if you drive into the narrow gate, there is parking inside Fuego Brewery’s walls.  We parked and made our way to the taproom, making a new reptilian friend along the way.

fuego brewery

fuego brewery

fuego brewery

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Fuego’s vibe is SUPER cool.  We definitely wanted to try out all their different beers, so we started by sharing a regular flight.  After we finished our flight, we wanted to try a few that weren’t on the regular flight, so they let us customize a second one as well.

fuego brewery

fuego brew co's delicious craft beer flight

fuego brewery

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And OH, the food!  I’m always feeling peckish, so we devoured some papas bravas and some sea bass ceviche (which was a bit overly lime-y for my taste).  Because I’m not a quitter, I had fish tacos as well.

fuego brewery

fuego brewery

Fuego Brewery's yummy espresso porter

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That Fuego Brew Co espresso porter is FIRE.  So good.  The super-pale Kolsch and the mango pale ale were great too, super refreshing.

fuego brewery

fuego brewery

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We came back on our last day for some more delish beer, papas bravas, and I tried the piña colada too…SO GOOD.  I didn’t really expect a brewery to make great cocktails, but the piña colada was fresh-tasting, boozy, and totally worth the calories.

I loved the decor at Fuego Brew Co

the pina colada at Fuego Brewery is amazing

A trip to Dominical's Fuego Brew Co

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One thing that’s really cool is that you can have them pour and seal big cans (40s, I think?) for you to take with you.  Watching them run the can-sealing machine was pretty neat.  And they have this really cool local art that relies on (to my understanding) historic cultural imagery from the area.

fuego brewery

If you can’t tell, I thought Fuego was awesome and I wish I could have spent more time there.  If you’re spending any time in the Dominical and Uvita area of Costa Rica, this needs to be your everyday hangout!

Where we stayed in Dominical:  This amazing Airbnb villa with views for days!

Fuego Brew Co

The brewery is in Dominical, in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica.  It’s easy to find and there are signs from the highway that send you in the right direction.  There’s live music some days, which would be cool to experience.  They also offer tours through the brewery.  You can see the menu and find more info at their official website.

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Fuego Brewery in Dominical, Costa Rica | If you're visiting the Uvita and Dominical area, a visit to Fuego Brew Co is a must-visit! Delicious craft beer, great food, and a really cool vibe...you can take a tour of the brewery as well. A perfect thing to do in Dominical! #costarica #dominical #brewery

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  • joelle

    November 27, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    Hey – Any tips on where to stay in dominical for a DN who needs privacy and good internet for video calls? Also, what is the general age of DNs in Costa Rica?


    1. Jessica

      November 27, 2023 at 9:44 pm

      Hi Joelle! I can’t speak to the latter question on age, I wasn’t hanging out with DNs but know there are a lot of American expats in general in the area. As far as good wifi and privacy, I’d find an affordable rental/Airbnb that’s small and solitary, but clean, safe, and affordable, and carefully read the reviews when it comes to wifi strength. We didn’t have any issues with ours in our rental (which was a bigger house up the mountain).

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