The Outrageous Hickory Smoked S’mores Latte At NYC’s Felix Roasting Co

June 9, 2019
felix roasting co

I’ll never deny that sometimes I’m a sucker for a beautiful gimmick.  

While I try to avoid it *most* of the time, sometimes I’ve gotta live that IG story life…

Hickory-Smoked S'Mores Latte from Felix Roasting Co NYC

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While I didn’t use my normal rich research/trip planning process for my most recent work trip to NYC (because I know I’d have very little free time), I did a bit of digging on any particular interesting new places.

And when I stumbled upon Felix Roasting Co and their somewhat epic s’mores latte and adorable interior, it jumped to the top of my must-try list.

But then I lucked out because it happened to be right around the corner from where we were meeting.  Score!  I was able to talk myself into a run in Central Park on a gorgeous late-May morning (to pre-burn off those pastry calories, natch), and just loved being back in New York after a few years.

central park nyc

felix roasting co

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Then once I got myself showered and looking like an adult, I opened the door to Felix and was immediately transported somewhere else.  It was a beautiful, jewel-toned oasis of calm in the midst of Manhattan insanity.

Interior of Felix Roasting Co NYC

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I’d kind of assumed it would be a madhouse during rush hour in Manhattan, but there were only a couple of people and so I didn’t need to feel bad about ordering a more complicated drink.  But first??  Pastries.  Felix is one of the few places to carry Supermoon Bakehouse’s intricate pastries, and it’s worth the splurge.

felix roasting co

felix roasting co

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After a minor carb-based distraction, I was back to my mission though—try their crazy $14 hickory-smoked s’mores latte.  Why is it so expensive??  Well, it’s basically coffee and a show…

Making the hickory-smoked s'mores latte at Felix Roasting Co

I wish I’d saved the whole video (this is only part of the process), but this gives you a sense of the “show” you’re treated to!

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The latte starts with a cocktail-like glass dipped in chocolate and a graham cracker-dust rim.  Then the drink is made with espresso, steamed graham cracker-infused milk, dark chocolate, and cinnamon.

THEN it’s smoked with hickory wood chips in a bell jar and finally a house-made salted caramel marshmallow is blowtorched on a stick and added to the drink.  WHEW!

felix roasting co

felix roasting co

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I sat down to work some and enjoy my lovely (expensive) drink and delicious pastry, and soak in the decor.  The colors and intricate patterns reminded me somewhat of Lisbon, which I absolutely adore.

felix roasting co

felix roasting co

Felix has a few nifty perks…not only do they have milk on tap (SERIOUSLY), but they apparently (allegedly) make some delicious coffee-based cocktails.  I’ve heard their espresso tonic is delicious (though I’m not sure how alcoholic??.

felix roasting co

Now, would I tell you the hickory-smoked s’mores latte is the best coffee drink I’d had in my life?  Nope.  In fact I went back for a second coffee while I was working there, and got a regular latte and it was also delicious.

But this was very much about the novelty, craft, and attention to detail that went into it…and to me, it was worth $14 as a one-time experience!

Plan your own visit:  Felix Roasting Co, 450 Park Avenue South, NY NY, 10016

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