Review: Sedona’s “Luxury” Enchantment Resort

July 25, 2021

When I decided to squeeze in a trip to Sedona this spring, I knew I wanted it to be a mixture of awesome hiking and soaking in nature, as well as some super relaxing “treat yo’ self” time.  I’d been working like a crazy person, we’d just undergone an intense corporate re-org, and I needed a BREAK.

So I knew that for at least part of my visit, I wanted a more splurge-y hotel or rental, with a great pool and more luxury vibe.  After doing a ton of research, I decided to give Sedona’s Enchantment Resort a try for a couple nights, and wanted to share a detailed review of my experience.

Detailed Review of Sedona's Enchantment Resort | If you're looking for a splurge, luxury, or unique place to stay in Sedona, Enchantment Resort is probably on your list. This honest review gives a detailed account of my stay there, including rooms, grounds, pools, restaurants, service, hiking & more! And whether it qualifies as "luxury". #sedona #arizona #resortreview #luxury

Enchantment is one of the best-known hotels in Sedona, and is unique due to its location.  They basically found a way to build the resort nestled right in the middle of Boynton Canyon’s gorgeous red rock cliffs, which is no longer allowed.  So they seem to have the market cornered on this cool view.

The location is definitely the main selling point for the resort, and it’s about 10-15 minutes outside of downtown Sedona as a result.  So if you’re wanting to be super close to everything, be able to walk to restaurants, etc., this would not be the place for you.

The drive out to the resort from Sedona is absolutely beautiful (I have a pic a little further below), and the quiet and seclusion is nice for a certain type of trip.  I was a little uncertain of whether I’d love Enchantment (and it was so expensive), I decided to hedge my bets and spend a couple nights there, and then move to a hotel right in the middle of Sedona for my last few nights, for a different experience.

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Detailed Review of Sedona's Enchantment Resort | If you're looking for a splurge, luxury, or unique place to stay in Sedona, Enchantment Resort is probably on your list. This honest review gives a detailed account of my stay there, including rooms, grounds, pools, restaurants, service, hiking & more! And whether it qualifies as "luxury".

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I’ll go into much more detail below on the rooms, resort grounds and facilities, pools, restaurants, hiking options, and more…with LOTS of pictures so you can really get a feel.

It’s a lot of info, but some people definitely want that.  When I was doing my own research on where to stay in Sedona, I did soooo much research to try and make the best choice.  I mean, if you’re thinking of dropping this much money on a place, you want it to be amazing!

But in case you’re short on time, here’s the TL;DR version…

Bottom line review of Enchantment Resort: 

We almost have to get this out of the way straight off…Enchantment is CRAZY expensive.  Everything in Sedona is super expensive, so the bar for what’s “normal” or a good deal is just very different.  But Enchantment is obscenely expensive for what it offers.  You’re basically paying for the view and surroundings (which are amazing), but nothing else in the resort experience justifies the cost in my opinion.

  • The resort is set in a stunning location, tucked into the surrounding red rock landscape.  The grounds are lovely, well cared for, and fairly extensive (including a golf course).
  • The main pool is beautiful, especially with the red cliffs rising behind it.  There is an adults-only pool but it is tiny and underwhelming.
  • My room (a casita) was clean and large enough, and the little patio area with a view of the red rocks was nice.  It is definitely NOWHERE close to “luxury” though, and could be any decent hotel room anywhere in the U.S.  It doesn’t seem like it’s really been updated in years, kind of an older feel.
  • The service was totally fine, but nothing special.
  • The food at both Tii Gavo and Che Ah Chi was delicious, interesting drink menus, and the patio area is a lovely place to consume both.
  • I didn’t have a chance to try out Mii Amo spa, which is supposed to be amazing but the actual spa was under renovations while I was there.
  • There are some nice hiking options right from the resort that you should definitely take advantage of (but they’re not exclusive); Kachina Woman at sunrise is my pick!
  • Bottom line would I stay there again?  No.  I don’t regret giving it a try for a couple nights, but unlike my recent splurge in Mexico at LeBlanc (not even quite this expensive for the best suite they had), I don’t think Enchantment delivers on anything approaching “luxury”.  In hindsight I wish I’d tried Amara instead, I feel like it might have been my vibe.

The drive out to Enchantment Resort is absolutely beautiful

Okay, diving in to the details…here’s what we’ll cover in this Enchantment Resort review:

  • Check-in and service
  • The rooms
  • The patio area (including evening drinks & apps at Tii Gavo)
  • The pools
  • The rest of the resort grounds/facilities
  • Che Ah Chi (fine dining)
  • Hiking opportunities

Check-in & service

I rolled up and was welcomed by John and Justin.  They got me checked in and then took me to my room.  Outside of that, I don’t have a ton to say about the service at Enchantment…I’m sure if I’d needed something, it would have been fine, but I didn’t and nothing particularly stood out.

They sent me an email ahead of time with a lot of links to activities, from the “concierge”.  The only thing I asked them to do was make dinner reservations, and it took a few back-and-forths and me reaching out after not hearing back, but I did get a reservation at Che Ah Chi secured for a time that I wanted.

As I mentioned above, I didn’t try out the Mii Amo spa.  It was under renovation, so they were doing services out of the Spa Suites at Boynton Canyon instead.  I was tempted to give it a try, but for the price didn’t want the “low rent” version so decided to skip.

You can book your accommodation through their official website (which is what I did), but honestly I don’t know any reason you couldn’t also book through  Sometimes with nice resorts there’s an incentive to book directly with them (extra amenities, better service, maybe a chance of upgrade or whatever)…but I didn’t get anything special by booking directly.

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - I enjoyed the little private patio in my casita

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The rooms at Enchantment Resort

I was in Casita 217, and I think the location within the resort overall was good.  I was easy walking distance to the pool and restaurants.  I didn’t have ANY issues with noise or other annoyances.  Finding a parking spot outside these casitas can be a bit of a challenge but I always managed to snag one.

The room itself was very clean and pretty spacious.  The thing is…I don’t feel like this room looks like a $1,000/night room.  This was $2,200+ including resort fees, taxes, etc. for two nights (and that was with my AAA rate), and it looks (and feels) like a basic mid-range hotel room, just on the bigger side.

As far as amenities in the room, there’s a little Nespresso machine (which I loved) and the normal minibar offerings that cost.  There weren’t any special touches or comforts that you’d expect from a luxury resort.  There is room service available, I just didn’t have a chance to try it out.

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - The rooms are very basic for a "luxury" resort

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - Rooms were clean and basic, but nothing super special

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I had requested a room with a great view, and I think this delivered on that as much as probably any of the rooms do.  This was my little personal balcony/patio area, and I enjoyed coming out and drinking coffee while working a bit.  I liked that my balcony felt private, whereas I walked past some other rooms’ patios and they seemed kind of exposed to foot traffic.

The wi-fi at the resort is okay, but does give out a lot.  I think that’s more a function of their overall location, which is challenging for signal in general…it’s the price you pay for the gorgeous red rock canyon views surrounding you.

But you definitely need to remember that you’ll often have no cell signal, which means your battery will drain fast (a backup battery is a must in Sedona!).  This is true of Sedona overall but especially this part (the Boynton Canyon area).

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The patio area (including drinks & snacks before dinner)

One of my absolute favorite parts of the Enchantment Resort (in addition to the main pool) was the patio area outside the main building.  It overlooks the pool as well as the croquet court, and is the perfect spot to chillax with some cocktails before heading to dinner (or while waiting for your dinner reservation).

On my first night I didn’t have concrete dinner plans, and I’d been traveling all day.  I was weary and hungry, and decided to sit by the fire pit for a while to watch the sunset.  I ordered a drink and chatted with some folks who were waiting for their reservation.  Then I ordered another drink and decided to get food as well.

The food and cocktails out here on the patio come from Tii Gavo, the more casual dining option at Enchantment.  I’d read pretty mixed reviews beforehand so wasn’t sure what to expect, but was very happy with the food, drinks, and service.  They have interesting cocktails (very tequila-forward, as much of Sedona is), and you definitely need to try the short rib empanadas and the Southwest salad.  Skip the elote.

One word to the wise…it gets quite breezy here after the sun goes behind the canyon, and can be pretty chilly!  I hadn’t packed enough cool-weather clothes, so definitely make sure to have a couple warmer layers.

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - The patio area and firepit were lovely in the evening

Detailed Review of Sedona's Enchantment Resort | If you're looking for a splurge, luxury, or unique place to stay in Sedona, Enchantment Resort is probably on your list. This honest review gives a detailed account of my stay there, including rooms, grounds, pools, restaurants, service, hiking & more! And whether it qualifies as "luxury".

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - I enjoyed drinks and apps on the patio from Tii Gavo

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The pools at Enchantment

This pool view is part of what sold me on giving Enchantment a try…the rippling aqua water against the backdrop of the red rock cliffs is pretty unique!

I got out pretty early (10-ish??) so had my pick of the chairs.  They did mostly fill up within an hour or so, but thankfully the vibe was still super chill.  There was a waitress going around every so often for any food or drink orders.  It was a pretty relaxed service that early in the day, but I did snag a piña colada to enjoy with my fluffy romance novel.

Just make sure to be careful and apply sunscreen frequently!!  Sedona is at a higher altitude than I’m used to (like 4,000 feet), has super low humidity (so for me, I don’t feel the heat as intensely), and the sun is very strong.  It’s a recipe for a sunburn.  I don’t burn easily, but even just in an hour or two out by the pool I got a little burn on my back.

Detailed Review of Sedona's Enchantment Resort | If you're looking for a splurge, luxury, or unique place to stay in Sedona, Enchantment Resort is probably on your list. This honest review gives a detailed account of my stay there, including rooms, grounds, pools, restaurants, service, hiking & more! And whether it qualifies as "luxury". #sedona #arizona #resortreview #luxury

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - The gorgeous main pool is definitely one of the selling points

I mean, how often do you get a pool with that kind of view?!

Coming mostly to chill at the pool??  Everything You Need To Pack For A Chill Pool Vacay

There’s an adults only pool too (pic below)…I checked it out for a second but it’s super small and doesn’t seem to get the breeze either.  I would have boiled to death here without the breeze…in April, so I can’t imagine what it would be like in summer.

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The rest of the grounds & facilities

As I said at the outset, the grounds of Enchantment Resort are lovely overall.  They have a 6-hole “pitch ‘n’ putt” course right on property in a gorgeous setting (basically running along the canyon wall).  They have bocce ball, pickle ball, tennis courts, croquet, and more.  And if you’re a real golf person, there’s an 18-hole championship course a few minutes away exclusively for Enchantment guests.

All the landscaping was very well done, everything was well-cared for.  I know I didn’t get a chance to fully explore every nook and cranny, but there are some cool places you could tuck yourself away and feel like you have the place all to yourself.

One thing you definitely should check out is their new Trail House, which is pretty cool.  You can ask the guides about hiking recommendations in the area, and I think that might be where you’d rent gear (there’s a store with a really interesting selection of outdoors-type gear for purchase as well).  The resort offers activities such as guided walks, stargazing, and more, I just didn’t have a chance to try them out.

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - the resort grounds were pretty and well-maintained

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - there are tons of activity options, including croquet, pickle ball, bocce, and tennis

Che Ah Chi: Enchantment’s high-end dining

This is Enchantment’s “fancy” dining option, and you definitely need reservations.  When I was visiting they only allowed resort guests to eat there, but I think in non-COVID normal times they may allow outside restaurant guests.

I’d asked for a patio table if possible, and they were able to accommodate me.  One thing I will say is, don’t worry about sunset views at dinner…all the main stuff on the resort, including the main patios, face east so you won’t see much.

I have a more detailed post about Che Ah Chi & Tii Gavo here

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - dinner at Che Ah Chi was delicious, with a great view

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The service here was great, and the menu is really interesting.  I had a delightful “Violette Key” cocktail before switching to wine with my main course.  The food was a little hit and miss…seemed really well-executed and was beautiful, but some of it was a little underwhelming on taste.

I did like the bison steak (though subbed in the buttered popcorn purée from another dish).  And the goat cheese lemon panna cotta was delish!

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - since most things on the resort face east, there isn't much of a sunset view

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Hiking trails at the resort

Because of its location right in Boynton Canyon, Enchantment offers awesome access to several of the trails in this area (and in some cases, without having to deal with the parking craziness).  My first morning I went on a short hike, starting out the back of the resort and hanging a left.

This is part of the Boynton Canyon Trail, and the part I hiked wasn’t anything super special but was quiet, pretty, and relaxing.  You’re pretty low in the canyon at this part, so it’s harder to get good views.  If you kept going on that trail I believe that’s the way you’d get to the “Subway Cave”…the next morning I met a lot of early hikers on the main path looking for it.

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - you have great access to Boynton Canyon trails from the resort

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On my second morning, I decided to try Kachina Woman at sunrise, and I HIGHLY recommend this!  The guide told me it is .5 miles there…either I started from the wrong place (out the back of the resort and hang a right) or I call “shenanigans” on that.

It definitely seemed way longer, but it’s not a difficult hike at all.  The scenery is beautiful, and early in the morning you’re not fighting crowds on the trail.

You hike along the Boynton Canyon Vista trail and then up to the Kachina Woman rock formation.  Other than one other guy, I had it all to myself.  You also get sweeping vista views from up there.

On the way down I decided to try going the other direction, back to the main Boynton Canyon parking lot (which isn’t far) and then walking along the road back to the resort.  Hard to tell if it’s shorter or not, but either way is good.

Read an in-depth account of my Kachina Woman hike!

Sedona's Enchantment Resort review - the Kachina Woman hike is a must, especially at sunrise

So there you have it—my detailed review of Sedona’s Enchantment Resort.  As you can tell, my feelings on it are a little mixed.  It’s a lovely property in a beautiful location, and I didn’t have any issues while staying there.  The only negative is just perceived value/experience for the cost.  So that’s a determination you have to make yourself.

After staying two nights at Enchantment, I moved to Arabella for my last few nights in Sedona.  If you’re trying to decide on a splurge stay in Sedona, the other two I’d narrowed it down to besides Enchantment were L’Auberge de Sedona (which didn’t have vacancy for my dates), and Amara (which I’m bummed I didn’t get to try).

Other splurge hotels you’ll love:

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Detailed Review of Sedona's Enchantment Resort | If you're looking for a splurge, luxury, or unique place to stay in Sedona, Enchantment Resort is probably on your list. This honest review gives a detailed account of my stay there, including rooms, grounds, pools, restaurants, service, hiking & more! And whether it qualifies as "luxury". #sedona #arizona #resortreview #luxury

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