I wish I could tell you that I have some kind of grand master plan in starting this…

September 23, 2016
travel blog

But I don’t, really.

A couple months ago I just realized that I don’t have any outlet for all of my travel stories and info and pictures.  I put a handful of the best pictures up on Facebook after each trip and I write in my journal, and that’s about it.

The thousands of other pictures that I’m in love with never see the light of day.  No one besides me remembers the hysterical English-translated sign I saw.  I don’t have anyone to tell about the awesome perfumery hidden in the Spice Market in Istanbul that will create your own signature scent, or how you can rent a sailboat and captain in Sweden on Airbnb and just sail around the whole time.

Sailboat on the island of Marstrand, Sweden

So that’s why I wanted to start doing this.

I get insanely excited when someone I know asks for travel recommendations, or says they’re planning a trip to somewhere I’ve been before.  There are so many travel blogs out there, and tons of them have been incredibly helpful to me in planning various adventures.  If this blog gets read, and it can help other people plan their trips, or inspire someone to try something totally different than they’d planned, that’s awesome.

If not, then we’ll consider this the new version of my travel journal, and I’ll pack it full of pictures and memories and tips for next time.

Hiking the Hooker Valley Trail, South Island, New Zealand

Either way, I think it’ll be a fun ride.

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