7 Travel Intentions For 2024

December 31, 2023
travel intentions for 2024,2024 travel intentions,2024 travel goals,2024 travel resolutions

What’s up 2024?!  Several years ago I began setting “travel intentions” to help guide my plans in the coming year.

Some people might call them travel resolutions or goals, but I’ve personally never loved all the excitement/guilt baggage that seems to come with resolutions, and “goals” speak to an end point.  Basically It’s about being more…intentional with my planning.  So here we are.

I love taking this last week of December—that beautiful period where you don’t know what day it is and you feel like you’re 80% carbs—to see how I did this past year and set my intentions for the next.

girl in sunglasses smiling on a boat Azores

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In evaluating last year’s intentions, I did pretty well!  In 2023 I managed to…

  • …plan some trips further ahead, including my Finland/Estonia trip and my upcoming South Africa bucket list trip.
  • …plan travel in my traditional dead period between November and March, including Finland/Estonia early in the year, an inpromptu trip to Prague in December, and an upcoming January trip to southern Spain and Portugal.
  • …return to a beloved place (Prague!) rather than only exploring new ones.
  • …achieve a 2020 intention to travel with other people more (vs. only solo).

Now, I didn’t do as well in other areas…like doing long weekend trips or using my Delta companion passes.  But it was definitely progress.  You can look at my 2023 intentions as well as all the past years…20172019, 2020, and 2022 (I somewhat superstitiously skipped 2021).

moody long exposure shot of Charles Bridge in Prague

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My 2024 travel intentions

So now let’s talk about 2024, which is already a jam-packed travel year for me.  Without further ado, here are the 2024 travel goals or intentions that I’m focused on, including a couple that are more blog-based.

#1 – Plan an overnight or weekend trip locally on a whim

Why don’t I ever think about this??  I’ll go to another country with less than two weeks’ notice, and yet never think, “Maybe I should do a night or two in Nashville”.  It’s bizarre.

This coming year I want to take advantage of a 2- or 3-day weekend better…not to squeeze in an epic European city break like I recently did with Prague, but rather to explore something nearby (like Nashville or Indy) or find a cheap flight to a U.S. spot I haven’t really spent time in (maybe Boston, Miami, or Savannah).

sunrise view of downtown Nashville from the river

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#2 – Get better about email!

This is more about how I engage with YOU, but I really want to be better about sending out email newsletters more regularly, and with different types of content (and I’m always open to ideas for helpful content, drop me a note in the comments!).

I recently changed email platforms and that not only gave my emails a fresh new look, but made it faster and easier for me to build out content.  So I’m committed to being better at this!  (Chances are there’s a pop-up somewhere on the site asking you to sign up for emails, if you’re interested)

travel intentions for 2024,2024 travel intentions,2024 travel goals,2024 travel resolutions

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#3 – Learn some words in the local language

I used to be so good about this!  And I’ve gotten SO lazy.  I talk about this in my post around tips for any type of trip, I believe it’s not only smart but also respectful to learn a handful of conversational words in the language of wherever you’re traveling.

You don’t have to be good at it, and maybe your pronunciation is garbage, but it makes you a better traveler and the locals really appreciate the effort.  I’m for sure going to be better about this for my upcoming Spain and Portugal trip.

travel intentions for 2024,2024 travel intentions,2024 travel goals,2024 travel resolutions

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#4 – Become more comfortable with making Reels

I am terrible about making videos.  TERRIBLE.  I’ve gotten a bit better about filming video clips when I travel, but rarely do anything with them.  So one of my 2024 travel goals is to film more and better/usable video, and then to DO SOMETHING WITH IT.

Just in the past week I’ve taken some steps on this, researching better video editing apps and purchasing a license to one.  But now I need to actually spend the time to learn it and hopefully bring you fun and engaging content—not only with Reels on social, but more in-depth videos on YouTube.

girl filming sunrise on frozen lake in Finnish Lapland - Lake Inari

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#5 – Travel slowly more often

Now not all the time…let’s not go crazy.  But it’s no secret that my travel style is more fast-paced, trying to see and do as much as possible and as efficiently as possible.

I love that and it fits my personality and preferences really well a lot of the time, but I’ve noticed on certain trips lately that the frantic pace of exploration can actually cause some *inefficiency* in how I explore and the value that I’m really getting out of the experience.

So I’m going to be more intentional about what trips are best suited to a fast-paced exploration, and which ones would benefit from slowing down and doing a more thorough job.  For instance, in my upcoming southern Spain and Portugal trip, I’d hoped to really see a lot of Andalucia, but am now realizing that we need to just spend those three days just in Seville.

travel intentions for 2024,2024 travel intentions,2024 travel goals,2024 travel resolutions

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#6 – Be more intentional about my destinations

I’ve already started this a bit in 2023 and this is kind of the flip side of my 2023 intention to plan further ahead…but I want to make sure that I not only take advantage of destination opportunities that pop up (like a flight deal or a friend asking me to come along), but also purposefully plan trips.

For me that means either sourcing from my bucket list (like my upcoming South Africa trip), or just thinking about the places I’ve said forever “man, I’d LOVE to go there!” and booking a flight.  I’ve got a small start on that with my Algarve trip coming up (though weirder time of year), and maybe I’ll book something for Poland, New Mexico, or a new sailing adventure soon.

travel intentions for 2024,2024 travel intentions,2024 travel goals,2024 travel resolutions

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Bonus #7 – Use every second of PTO that you get!

This one’s for YOU (I mean, probably, statistically…I don’t actually know YOU…but it definitely doesn’t apply to ME.).

Use all your PTO!  (If I could figure out how to put the clappy-hands emoji between each word, I would.)

If you’re anything like the average American, you’re leaving oodles of PTO (paid time off) on the table.  And most people don’t get compensated for what they don’t use.  Look at the days you have and plan your year out!  What do you need for any commitments, maybe a family vacation, and what do you have left to play with?

travel intentions for 2024,2024 travel intentions,2024 travel goals,2024 travel resolutions

I’ve already started incorporating these in my 2024 travel plans, and will definitely focus on them throughout the year!  I’d love to hear what’s on your 2024 travel goals or intentions list…what is exciting you, or what do you want to accomplish or get better at?

Inspiration & tips for your own 2024 travel goals: 

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7 Travel Intentions for 2024 | Some 2024 travel resolutions to inspire you...every year I set "travel intentions" to guide my planning & experiences for the coming year. These are basically travel goals for 2024, from traveling slowly more to using all your PTO to figuring out Reels & much more, here are some travel resolutions for 2024 to consider! #travelgoals #2024travel #2024resolutions

Comments (2)

  • John Smith

    March 19, 2024 at 10:58 am

    Your 2024 travel goals are inspiring! Setting intentions for meaningful experiences is key to a fulfilling journey. Thanks for sharing!

  • Alyson Long

    January 1, 2024 at 11:28 pm

    Your #1 I’m determined to do multiple times this year. It’s all work no fun lately. This year I’m going to travel a lot and I might just do a few solo trips in Asia, my kids are big now, they can stay home. If I go solo I can afford more! My bucket list is complete, but I need to go back to a lot of places to update the websites, after 12 years, that happens! Have a great year!

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