10 Places I’m Dying To Visit In 2019

December 11, 2018
places to visit in 2019

It’s hard to believe I’m writing this list once again…2018 was gone in a blink, a whirlwind of major life changes and trying to put down roots in a new place.

Honestly, with everything that happened, I am really proud of myself for still managing to do some real travel this year.  From Colombia to Iceland, and even closer-to-home destinations like Asheville and Belize, there were some big wins.

places to visit in 2019

Sadly, I *didn’t* get to experience many of my 2018 list of places I was dying to visit (or, to be honest, 2017’s).  In fact, Iceland was my one achievement in 2018 as far as the list is concerned.

And I’m starting to get embarrassed by the handful of destinations that have now been on this list for a few years 🙂  But no matter—I’m holding myself accountable to start booking and actually planning ahead!

(If you’re interested, here are the 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 lists to peruse)

10 of My Top Places to Visit 2019

So without further ado, here is the list of places that have completely captured my imagination right now…

1.  Portugal’s Algarve Coast

I’m just in love with Portugal, though I’ve only experienced the area around Lisbon.  There is just something about this country—its food and wine, colorful tiles and fanciful details, and completely charming people—that has its hooks in me.

Ever since I first saw a picture of the vivid turquoise water and craggy sea cliffs of the Algarve, I’ve been dying to visit.

10 Places To Visit In 2019 | As you plan your 2019 travel, these 10 destinations should be in your consideration set for scenery, culture, unique experiences, and more! The best places to visit 2019, interesting holiday destinations!

2.  Cappadocia, Turkey

I am just obsessed with Turkey, and have been ever since visiting Istanbul for the first time.  Other than a brief (like 5-hour) Istanbul return trip last year, I haven’t been able to make another visit happen.

And Cappadocia happens to be on the TOP of my bucket list right now.  I’m really hoping to get back there and visit Cappadocia, Pammukkale, and maybe sailing on the southern coast!

And I did! Here’s all about my my epic Cappadocia adventures

10 Places To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

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3.  Greek islands

Guys, I have *got* to make this happen.  This is a perennial appearance on the list, to the point it’s getting embarrassing.  The whitewashed buildings, bright blue roofs, azure water, amazing food, and happily-colored flowers of Greece’s islands have been calling to me and it’s time I answer that call.

Whether for a sailing trip or just doing a bit of island hopping on the less-crowded ones such as Oia, Crete, Corfu, or Zakynthos, I need to make this happen!

Update:  I finally made it happen!

10 Places To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

4.  Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve been wanting to visit South Africa and go on a safari for soooooo long.  I’ll be honest and say that I’m not positive it will be in the picture in 2019 only because I need to make sure I set aside a MINIMUM of a week for this trip but honestly closer to two weeks…and I’m not sure that’s in the cards with other travel.  But I will try!

From safari to penguins to wineries to shark diving to beaches, South Africa has so much to offer!

10 Places To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

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5. Dublin, Ireland

It’s hard to believe that the last time I was in Ireland was in 2011!  It was an amazing trip, a week with my parents roadtripping around the country, and ending with a day in Dublin.  And that city DELIVERED!

So fun and vibrant and full of history and delicious food and beer…coming up on almost a decade, I’m overdue for another visit and really giving it some time and attention since I’ve become an even better traveler since then 🙂

And I did it!  Here’s a guide to an amazing 2 days in Dublin

places to visit in 2019

6. The Fjords of Norway

The only thing I’ve already made concrete plans for in 2019 is a short trip to Bergen, Norway, so this is hopefully a *fairly* sure thing.  But it’s not a total guarantee because of the weather, which is a big X-factor.

I’m dying to visit the fjords during the summer too for some hiking, but am looking forward to seeing the moody towering snow-capped mountains, the heavy mists hanging over, the dark glassy water, and bright red pops of color from the houses.

Did it!  Here’s all about my mind-blowing boat trip on the fjords

10 Places To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

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7.  Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park

My lack of visiting U.S. National Parks is getting embarrassing at this point.  I’m still just as terrible at planning ahead as I have been in the past.  So I’m going to go out on a limb.  Either Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon (or both, if it’s doable)—OR BUST!  Keep me honest, people.

I did it!  Soak in the Sunrise at Bryce Canyon and how to spend an amazing weekend in Zion

10 Places To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

8.  Georgia

This one is my dark horse, but I find it so interesting.  The amount of history and culture in the Republic of Georgia is staggering.  Often overlooked, it’s a melting pot of ethnicities, amazing food (and wine!), and gorgeous remote scenery.

It’s one of the cradles of winemaking in the world, and the people have managed to retain their cultural identity despite centuries of difficult relations with various neighbors and world empires.

10 Places To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

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9.  Thailand

And we’re back to “I’m the worst”.  I *still* have not made it to Asia, which is absolutely ridiculous.  I’ve had Asia on my list since 2017 and had it on there last year too.  And yes, I realize that “Asia” is kind of a vague and big statement.

I’m a little worried I’ll be overwhelmed, as I obviously don’t speak any of the languages and I’ve never been quite as drawn to various Asian cultures as I have some of the European and Latin American ones.

But I’m going to now try and put a pin in somewhere and say that Thailand is probably the first place I should visit, a good entry into a vast and complex set of Asian cultures, peoples, languages, and food.

10 Places I'm Dying To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

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10. Sonoma Valley, California

Potentially a bit of a cheat, because I will almost certainly be here for work at some point in 2019 (though the same could be said of Ireland, Scotland, and Mexico).

My goal, though, is to make sure I book a couple extra days to visit a few extra wineries and then get to the coast for some gorgeous hiking by the sea.  Bonus points if I can make it to Monterey or Carmel, and possibly see the famous redwoods!

Update: I spent some amazing time in the Sonoma County area!

10 Places I'm Dying To Visit In 2019 | One Girl, Whole World

So now I’ve got to start booking trips…I’m hoping to make 2019 even more epic than 2018.  Where is on your “must” list for 2019??  Let me know in the comments!

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10 Places To Visit In 2019 | As you plan your 2019 travel, these 10 destinations should be in your consideration set for scenery, culture, unique experiences, and more! The best places to visit 2019, interesting holiday destinations! #2019travel #traveldestinations #travel #holidaydestinations #travel2019 #portugal #thailand #fjords #greece #cappadocia

Comments (2)

  • Diana

    March 25, 2019 at 11:20 am

    Hi Jessica! I read a couple of your articles and I loved them! I just wanted to comment on your text regarding Georgia .. it’s a Muslim country and the picture you posted actually refers to an Armenian Ortodox church (part of nowadays Georgia used to be Armenia). Talking of which … you should consider going to Armenia instead! I went there a few years ago and it was an AMAZING trip ! Armenia is full of culture and history: from ancient roman temples like Garni to amazing curches, monastery (see Tatev monastery or Khor Virap, with an amzaing view on Ararat mountain, for instance) and breathtaking landscapes (Sevan lake, for example). Not to mention the beautiful capital city Erevan, the warmth of the Armenian people, the amazing food and wine (cognac is a real specialty). Did I make you curious? Enjoy your trip!

    1. Jessica

      March 25, 2019 at 10:14 pm

      Hi Diana! Thank you for your comment, and glad you’re enjoying the blog! Armenia is definitely on my list to visit as well, I’ve heard amazing things! However, it’s interesting you say that about Georgia being a Muslim country…my understanding from researching Georgia is that it is around 80% Georgian Orthodox, though with a fairly tolerant overall religious approach (and about 11% Muslim I believe). I don’t know that particular church in the picture, just that it is a famous one, and I hope to visit Georgia and learn more about its culture, history, and religion soon! If you have any tips on either country I’d love to hear from you!

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