World-Famous Latte Art: Visiting Vannelli Pasticceria In Camucia

November 2, 2019
vannelli pasticceria,camucia

It is a universally-acknowledged fact that a woman (i.e. ME) in possession of her wits, must be in want of the best coffee and pastry.

I’ve been very upfront about the fact that one of my stated life aims is to “try all the pastries in all the world”.  And honestly, that extends to amazing cappuccinos and lattes as well.  So having the chance to travel to Camucia, Italy, for their weekly market and getting to visit the famous Vannelli Pasticceria—famous for their coffee and latte art—was a highlight for me!

Beautiful Latte Art & Pastries from Vannelli Pasticceria in Camucia, Italy

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Camucia is regionally famous for its market every Thursday morning.  The three pics below don’t remotely do it justice…it is so extensive!

There are dozens and dozens of stalls…everything from fresh produce to cheese, meat, nuts, and more food.  Then there are kitchen supplies, tons of clothes (I was tempted by some!), and other odds and ends.  It’s like the Italian version of Costco.

Visiting the Thursday morning market in Camucia

vannelli pasticceria,camucia

vannelli pasticceria,camucia

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But after a quick stroll through the market, I got down to business at my ultimate destination—Vannelli Pasticceria.  The café is renowned for its coffee, and in particular their baristas.

They use their own coffee mix, roasted on site, and even when they’re crowded the baristas give time and attention to each individual drink.  Giacomo Vannelli (part of the family that owns the café) most recently has won Italian Barista Champion 2019 (after winning in 2014 and 2015 as well; you can see an article here).

Vannelli Pasticceria is famous in Italy for their coffee! A Tuscany itinerary must!

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Isn’t this bear the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!  I loved the swan with hearts too.

We had a massive crowd coming in (three separate busloads over three hours), so they really had to move people through.  And I was impressed with how they still tried to make some cool milk foam art while churning out cappuccinos—though I’m positive that if they’d had a smaller crowd they might have tried even crazier things!

Adorable bear in cappuccino foam at Vannelli Pasticceria in Camucia, Italy

Swan latte art at Vannelli Pasticceria in Camucia, Italy

vannelli pasticceria,camucia

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I had a bum knee on this trip so didn’t do a ton of other exploration in Camucia.  It’s a cute little town, but after staying in nearby Cortona (only a few miles, or a 5-10 minute drive up the hill), it didn’t have much extra to offer from what I could see.

vannelli pasticceria,camucia

vannelli pasticceria,camucia

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Camucia normally, if you happen to be in the area on an early Thursday morning then I definitely recommend spending an hour or two exploring the market and then grabbing an adorable cappuccino.

OR, if you take the train to the Camucia-Cortona train station to get to Cortona, then Vannelli Pasticceria is only a 5-minute walk from the train station!

Other odes to coffee and pastries:

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