Boyne Valley Cheese: Visiting A Creamery In Slane, Ireland

November 20, 2019

I never get tired of exploring the nooks and crannies of Ireland.  From beautiful old castles to windswept cliffs, pubs full of traditional music to whiskey distilleries, there’s so much to see!  And getting really off the beaten path to discover how passionate creators make delicious things??  Sign me up!

So one Sunday I was excited to start my morning at Boyne Valley Farmhouse Cheeses, where Michael (@boynevalleyblue) gave us a look at how he makes his delicious cheese.

Also GOATS!  There are a *lot* of goats.  If that’s not your jam then…move along.

Trying out the delicious blue Boyne Valley cheese!

Adorable goats at Boyne Valley cheese farm

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We arrived at Boyne Valley Farmhouse Cheese, a little creamery near Slane that specializes in goat cheeses.  Michael came out and met us, and first took us through the barns to meet all the little kids.  They are SO CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT.

Oh hello there!

adorable baby goats on a Boyne Valley cheese farm

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This bigger mama took quite the shine to James…wouldn’t leave him alone!

this mama goat loved James - Boyne Valley cheese

After getting our fill of baby goat head scratches in, we got a chance to try some of the cheese.  There was a regular and the blue that they’re known for.  We even got to drink some fresh milk…not typically my thing, but it was so fresh and creamy and delicious!

Delicious Boyne Valley cheese - two types to choose from!

Trying out the delicious Boyne Valley cheeses!

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I mean, hello beautiful!  This room is what (cheese) dreams are made of.  Michael showed us the room where he ages his cheeses and talked about the technique for making the cool veins through the blue cheese.

Even the blue Boyne Valley cheese wasn’t all that strong, so even if you’re not a huge fan you should give it a try!

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Before leaving we got to appreciate the cool history of the farm itself, including the old buildings.  And noted cat lover @aduvallky also hung out with a cat named Daisy (and two other unnamed kitties), and we got to spend time with a dog named Heidi and a horse named Lucy.  Animals all around!

Check out nearby Slane Distillery & Castle while you’re in the area!

If you’re interested in learning more about Boyne Valley cheese, you can check out Michael and his farm on Facebook or Twitter.  To my knowledge they’re not open for regular tours (it is a family business, not a tourism one), but do it for special things, groups, etc., and you definitely have to look for their cheese if you’re in the County Meath area!

Our next stop was The Cider Mill, where we got to learn all about traditional cider making…you can see all about it here if you’re interested!

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Discovering delicious Boyne Valley cheese in Slane, Ireland | One Girl, Whole World

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