Why A Visit To London’s Borough Market Is A Must

October 1, 2019

London thoroughly charmed me, and her market game is on POINT!  Before I visited, I scanned through Buzzfeed’s list of 21 London markets you have to visit, and I’m sad I really only got to see one or two.  But I picked a doozy…Borough Market is a foodie’s dream.

Borough is not only the best-known food market in London, but the best-known in the UK.  You’ll find anything you’re looking for her…beautiful fresh produce, exotic fruits and veggies, all manner of delicious street food, freshly baked goods, a dream array of cheese, seafood, sandwiches, and so much more.

That sticker will always make me giggle.  It’s like a constant bridge Rick Roll…

We were staying over at the Premier Inn Blackfriars (which I highly recommend, awesome location and very afforadable), so walking to Borough was easy.  You could take the metro from wherever you are staying as well, but London is a super walkable city and it’s one of the best ways to really get a feel for the city!

A view of London's Shard heading into Borough Market

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How to visit Borough Market

Borough Market has been around over a thousand years, and is one of the most well-known food markets in the world.  Generally, the market’s open 10a-6p, and closed on Sundays.  It’s always a good idea to check the official website, however.

The market happens to be very near the Globe Theatre (of Shakespeare fame), so you can easily pair the two sights.  You can also see the famous Shard building from afar, and even stop by the Golden Hind ship replica (of Sir Francis Drake fame) on your way over there.  And if you’re taking the Tube, the closest stops are London Bridge, Borough, and Southwark.

Visiting London's Borough Market, cute Shakespeare street art

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First tip:  come hungry!!!  I wish I’d had more time there, because I wasn’t able to try even a fraction of what I wanted.  We were hitting it up first thing in the morning, so breakfast time.  We filled up on fresh-squeezed fruit juice and other snacks.

Exploring the delicious food stands at London's Borough Market

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A lot of Borough Market is covered, so this is a perfect rainy day activity too.  There’s one section dedicated to amazing cheese and meats, so you could make the charcuterie plate of your dreams.

Fresh fruit stands at Borough Market

Fresh fruit juice at Borough Market

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True to form, I’d already had a coffee and pastry near our hotel, so I was on the search for something a bit heartier, with some protein.  After wandering around for a bit, these amazing rainbow cheese toasties called to me.  I couldn’t resist seeing how they even do this, and it didn’t disappoint.  It was filled with colorful veggies that tinted the cheese once melted, and was just as yumz as it was beautiful.

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Because we only had 24 hours in the city and wanted to get a lot in, we only spent about 45 minutes at the market, but I could have happily wandered for hours.  There are lots of actual hot food stands too, all the street food you could want (I was SERIOUSLY tempted by some of the Indian food stands), so no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it.

This article goes super deep on amazing recommendations for the best stalls and things to try, particularly if you have more time than we did.  You can even go a step further and book a walking tour of the market to learn all about the history, producers, and do all sorts of tastings (learn more here).

The beautiful Tower Bridge is super close to Borough Market, so this was our next stop…we couldn’t have asked for a prettier morning!

Tower Bridge on a gorgeous morning, near Borough Market

What’s your favorite market in London?  I’m already making a list of must-visit markets for a return trip, so hit me up in the comments with your faves!

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