E-Book Download: Epic Trip Planning 101

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Free E-Book Download: Epic Trip Planning 101

Love traveling, or the idea of travel, but not always sure where to start?  Maybe you’re a seasoned traveler who’s looking for ways to improve your trip planning process?  Across 18 in-depth pages I’ve laid out every step of my process and shared all my tips for having a seamless tip, as well as how to take a great trip and make it truly epic.

I break down my process in detail, including:

  • What resources I use for planning
  • How to keep track of your research and build an itinerary
  • Evaluating hotels and rentals to get the best deal
  • Finding good flights, and making sure you pick one that is right for you
  • Taking your trip to the next level and finding splurge-worthy experiences
  • What you need to enjoy yourself on a long flight
  • How to plan ahead so you can hit the ground once you arrive
  • …and so much more!

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